Abouzeid manufactures a wide range of conveying equipment which is mainly used in the feed and industrial sector, our main production is of Augers, bucket elevators and belt conveyors, along with pneumatic conveyors. All these conveyors play a definite role in feed mills and other industries. Customized manufacturing of the conveyors is available to match the required demands.

Augers: With multiple uses the auger conveyors has proved to be an efficient way of loading and unloading of materials in a vertical or inclined or horizontal installations. Our Augers comes in many diameters and lengths. Drive unit for vertical and inclined augers is supplied with motor bracket drive belt and pulley for both auger and motor, in certain installments such as long distance horizontal ground storage, horizontal U shape augers is supplied driven by a gearbox with chain sprocket and chain drive. Intermediate bearings are recommended to be equipped in augers that need extensions and lengths exceeding 5 meters. Capacity of the auger is directly reliable on the diameter and the speed of the auger, and the density of the materials used. Augers are manufactured in 10 cm to 50 cm diameter.

Bucket elevators: Bucket elevators are ideal for vertical conveying of commercial grains, feeds, seeds and chemicals. Different heights and size of buckets. The size of the elevator and the number of buckets and the belt speed determines the capacity. It is manufactured in a heavy-duty construction with dual body frame and robust construction of the upper part and the lower main parts. The drive unit is a Gearbox motor attached to the main shaft through a chain sprocket and chain drive. The body and the buckets are either made of regular steel or of stainless steel.

Belt conveyors: Manufactured in different models and for different uses the belt conveyor has a multi-use benefit in unloading and loading of goods. Installed in industries, agricultural and construction sites the belt conveyor proves to be a sufficient material handling equipment. It is manufactured in either horizontal conveying or adjustable angles for different height conveying. Lengths vary upon request in width up to 100 cm. Firm and rigid construction though easy to operate and handle.

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