Established for many years in the Feed Milling and food industry, our Grinders are manufactured in different sizes and models to be used in both agro and industrial field. Our heavy duties Grinders are manufactured to meet the high demands for effective grinding and long life service.

Hammer mill: Using the best quality hardened Hammers, specially perforated sieves, and hardened rods, our heavy duty hammer mill are intended for hard work in commercial mills. The robust and practical construction of the Hammer mill gives an easy access to the internal part for changing the perforated sieve or the hammers. The Hammers are distributed in a precise form to offer best quality grinds without bridging of material internally.

A specially designed magnet is installed to the Hopper to prevent iron particles from passing inside the hammer mill. Easy access to the inside chamber Drive units is either a V-belt drive or a direct coupling motor. With motor power reaching 100 hp capacities varies from 1 ton/hr- 15 ton/hr. The capacity is directly influenced by the sieve holes and motor power and the material to be grinded. When required customized manufacturing of the hammer mill is manufactured. In certain installations hammer mills could be supplied with either an auger for fast discharge or suction equipment.

Steel plate grinders: 25 cm diameter steel grinding plates in sets of two with reversible sides made of high quality casting for long life service and maximum performance. These plates are separate and could be regulated to adjust fineness of material without using a perforated sieve. Drive unit is V-belt operated. Power supply is 5,5 hp up to 15 hp resulting a capacity of 300-2000kg/hr from fine powder to coarse particles such as grains, burghul and salt etc…

Vertical grinder: These are a full round sieve vertical hammer mills used for grinding feeds and seeds and herbs. The Hammers are either installed fixed or rotating. Driven by a V-belt motor or direct coupled motor. Power supply is 3 hp up to 15 hp. Easy changeable Perforated sieves is installed to give the required fineness of material. Capacities from 100 kg -1000 kg/hr.

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