Horizontal Mixers


The horizontal mixer provides a superior uniform mix of a wide range of materials from free flow material to high density wet material such as plastics chemicals liquids molasses, minerals and detergents, livestock feed for poultry and cattle adding premixes and vitamins. Its "U" shape body is manufactured in a robust heavy-duty construction in painted carbon steel or stainless steel. The effective speed and the specially designed agitator give the Horizontal mixer a fast time of mixing with 100% accuracy and homogeneity. The discharging of the mixer is either done Manually or Pneumatically through operated outlet or slide gate. Mixers are equipped with either a low speed Gearbox motor attached to the main shaft with a chain and sprocket or a speed reducer driven by a motor with a V belt drive.

Side bearings holding the main shaft are either bolted to the sides of the mixer directly or away from the sides with special stuffing boxes installed for preventing ingredients getting into the bearings. The Horizontal mixer is manufactured in various capacities and sizes from small SH, medium MH, and large LH. Horizontal mixers are equipped by either a Ribbon or a Paddle agitator. The Ribbon Agitator consists of a set of inner and outer helical ribbons that circulates the material from end to end inside and outside; it is recommended to be used for the mixing of free flow material. Moreover Ribbon agitator is designed for center discharge or multiple side discharge position. The Paddle agitators use a lifting and tumbling circulation of materials from end to end and it is recommended to be used with heavy resistant material for either wet or dry ingredients. They are also designed for center or side discharge position. Both Agitators are manufactured to result a fast yet efficient and accurate blending.

In certain installations in Large feed plants continuous Horizontal Mixers (three floors mixer) equipped with a loading tank and a surge tank for discharge is installed. This system makes the Grinding-Mixing a non-stop follow up operation where the Grinder and the Loading and unloading process do not stop while the mixer is full. This is installed for larger capacities and faster productivity especially when a Feed Plant is demanded with a Pelleting plant section is supplied after the Grinding mixing section. This system is available for all sizes and capacities of mixers.

A Horizontal mixer could be installed as a Feed unit along with a Hammer mill resulting a grind-mix feed unit. Custom designed models for the Horizontal mixers are available to match the required demands.

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