Poultry processing equipment


Ideal for medium production semi-automatic slaughtering unit. Abouzeid manufactures bleeding funnels, Distribution Conveyor with corners and powered unit, Automatic feather pickers, Scalders, Chilling tanks, and cold storage Carts. A capacity of this equipment varies on demand.

Bleeding funnels: after killing, birds are simply put into these conical shape funnels with heads down, funnels are made of galvanized or stainless steel metal.

Automatic Feather Picker: made of either galvanized or stainless steel, the defeathering is done inside the cylindrical body through a rotating drum by means of an electrical motor attached to the main shaft by a pulley, special rubber finger are affixed to the drum and to the walls of the tank. Different capacities from 4 birds to 20

Scalder: made of galvanized steel or stainless steel, performs a perfect scalding of birds with hot water to facilitate an easiest feather picking operations. Could be installed along with the distribution conveyor, or as a single unit where poultry are manually dipped into. Available in gas or steam heat or electrical heating. Customized production of the scalder is available to match the required demand and proper installation.

Chilling Tanks: These are water chillers designed to give a thorough washing of poultry, equipped with a spinning paddle design agitator. Made of galvanized or stainless steel. Drive unit equipped with a gearbox motor with chain and sprocket.

Poultry farm equipment

We manufacture a wide range of manual feeders plus automatic chain feeders and drinkers.

Chick feeder: made of galvanized steel, length 77cm and 100 cm, adjustable legs, anti-waste edges, anti-perch roller.

Layer Feeder made of galvanized steel, support legs are made of painted regular steel, length 200cm width 25cm, antiwaste edges, antiperch grill made of galvanized wire. Suitable for 60 birds.

Broiler feeder: Made of galvanized steel 200 cm length width 15 cm, adjustable or fixed legs, anti-perch grill made of galvanized wire. Antiwaste edges, Suitable for 70 birds.

Round feeder: made of galvanized steel, various diameters

Nest units: made of galvanized steel, two sizes one of length 200cm height 85 cm with two decks, and one deck 200cm length 50 cm height.

Gas brooder: suitable for 1000 babychicks, made of galvanized steel, economical.

Automatic drinker: made of galvanized steel or stainless teel, equipped with an automatic valve made of aluminum. Adjustable in height, length 100 cm and 200 cm.

Automatic chain feeder: a well-known feeding system by poultrymen, having reliable features and long life service. Installed in many poultry houses with different length and width. A one way channel or two way channel system. The entire system could be raised or lowered to the correct height to suit the age and size of birds.

The system consists of a Feeding Hopper adjustable in height, equipped with a geared motor drive unit and anti-bridging rack, Galvanized Troughs having two types broiler troughs and layer troughs, refined steel Conveyor Chain with special feed saving design which gives a uniform feed distribution, Corners to follow up the chain conveyor onto farm corners, Sifter for separating the fodder from straw and undesired objects equipped with a rotating perforated sieve, adjustable legs and coupling pieces.

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