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ABOUZEID is one of the leading companies in manufacturing Poultry equipment and machineries. AbouZeid gained a reputable name in the Grinding and Mixing machineries, Animal feed units and Feed plants covering Lebanon and most of the Arab countries. After many years of experience in designing and manufacturing Abouzeid proves to be at the core of the industrial manufacturing of heavy-duty machines and equipment. Our services cover the design the construction and the installation of poultry and livestock Feed plants with capacities up to 20 ton/hr, as well as different mechanical and industrial projects. The name Abouzeid holds a definition of long life service and heavy-duty construction of machineries. A preview on our production gives an idea on the versatile and different machineries Abouzeid manufactures:

Feed Plants : Animal Feed plants (cap 2-20 ton/hr and above ) that consist of the Storage and weighing sector, Mixing and Grinding sector, and Pelleting sector.
Feed units : (cap 1-10 ton/hr): consist of the vertical/horizontal mixer, Hammer mill, Auger or Screw conveyor switch board
Mixing : Horizental mixers, vertical mixers and chemical mixers.
Grinding : Hammer mills, Steel plate mills, and Vertical grinders
Conveying : Bucket elevator , Screw Converyor/Auger, Chain or Belt conveyor.
Poultry Processing & Farm Equipment : Regular and Automatic Feeders & Drinkers. Nest for laying hens, Gas Brooders, Feather Pickers, etc.

Our New Industrial Machines