Other Machineries And Equipment

Abouzeid also manufactures a wide range of machines and equipment such as:

Automatic weigher: Used for control all incoming our outgoing quantities of feeds. The Automatic weigher is installed with grinders, mixers, silos, etc… weighing grains and granulated material with capacities up to 18 ton/hr. Equipped with a control panel and electric counter for weight adjusting, along with pulse timer for automatic stop of the feeding conveyor.

Pre-cleaner: The pre-cleaner is used for removing impurities in the grain such as dust and husks. It is composed of a conical casing upon which a centrifugal fan is mounted on driven by a direct coupled electrical motor; the casing is linked to a cyclone by ducting. The complete operation of cleaning is automatic and of great precision.

Feed wagon: used for fast distribution of grains and feeds, customized manufacturing of these wagons are available.

Our New Industrial Machines