Vertical Mixers


After many years of use and development, the vertical mixer provide a uniform mix while minimizing plant floor space and low horsepower requirements. A robust design with a central vertical helical Auger fitted in a cylindrical tube inside the mixer by which an effective mix of ingredients occurs. It mixes various ingredients such as dry, granular or powder like feeds, livestock feed for poultry and cattle, pellets, seeds and chemicals.

The discharge of the mixer is either done manually or pneumatically through a specially designed door. The mixer is either supplied with one door or with two doors for a faster discharge with a use of an Auger; this adds more production/hr for the Unit and minimizes the handcraft. Specially designed Top bearing housing and heavy duty lower bearing casting with ball bearing housing holds the upper and lower gudgeons of the main shaft of the mixer. Drive unit of the mixer is a motor bracket drive belt and pulley for both central auger and motor.

The materials of construction and finish can be altered to suit customer requirements. The mixer is mainly manufactured in regular carbon steel and painted with anti-corrosion paints. Vertical mixers could be installed either by itself for only a mixing action with no foundation needed or as a Feed Unit which have been and still installed in small, medium and large sized mills.

Feed units are a Grind-Mix unit that consist of a vertical Mixer a Hammer Mill and an Auger, They are installed either with no foundation for medium MV capacities or in large LV and extra-large XV capacities where foundation is recommended. In certain cases where heights and ground floor is an issue large LV mixers are also manufactured for a no foundation installments. The vertical mixer is also manufactured in Double Auger mixers for extra larger XV capacities; it is equipped with double mixing augers.

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